To whom this document applies

In law, a young person under 18 years of age is considered to be a 'child', so, therefore, this document applies to children under the age of 18 on the date of the Festival, and also to those vulnerable persons of any age who have been identified to the co-ordinator prior to the Festival. In recognising the needs of children from minority ethnic groups and children who are disabled, the Festival actively seeks to meet their needs, provided these have been notified in advance by* the responsible adult, to the Co-ordinator.

The Purpose of the David Clover Festival of Singers

The Festival provides an opportunity for amateur performance in singing, combined with the educational input by professional adjudicators, to improve the competitors' future performance.

The Festival Environment

The Festival seeks to create a caring environment with the highest possible level of protection for children and others to whom this document applies. The Festival's procedures implementing this document will inform and involve the responsible adult, in order to ensure as far as is reasonably practical, there will be a safe environment at the festival.

Festival Personnel

All Festival helpers are volunteers, being members of The City of Sheffield Teachers' Choir and its Committee, and all are fully aware of, and support, this Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults Policy.
The roles of all Festival personnel are considered during recruitment and full contact details are held by the Festival administration (The City of Sheffield Teachers' Choir). Where they are working in sensitive areas with children or vulnerable adults, such as the warm-up room, the helpers have an enhanced certificate from the Disclosure and Barring Service, and there will be two persons on duty, a male and female if possible.
Festival personnel are vigilant in monitoring areas where children and vulnerable adults are in attendance. They will challenge any adult(s) in restricted areas if they are not accompanying a child or vulnerable adult.
All Festival personnel are informed how to direct children and vulnerable adults who have a problem to the designated person, Joy Bowler. Every problem will be taken seriously and will be documented and dated. Depending on the nature of the problem, the documentation may be supplied to the appropriate authorities, including the police. The decision will be taken by the designated person, in consultation with the authorities, before documentation is passed over. Copies of all documentation will be retained in the Festival records.

Identification of Festival Personnel

Festival helpers will be identified by 'Name' badges, and this fact will be announced to children, vulnerable adults and their responsible adult, at the start of each session of the Festival.

* Note the definition and use of the words 'responsible adult' throughout this document includes designated parents, relatives, guardians, carers and teachers of children under the age of 18, or vulnerable adults.

Preparation for attendance at the Festival

In order for the Festival to provide the highest level of protection during the Festival, responsible adults must ensure that their child or vulnerable adult is at all times accompanied and adequately supervised by him/herself, or by a teacher, or by a suitable adult known to the 'responsible adult' and who will be required to remain in the building (though not necessarily the auditorium) until the child or vulnerable adult leaves.
It is Festival policy to make this 'responsible adult supervision' a condition of entry into the Festival. On our part, we aim to ensure that a copy of this Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults policy document is available to all responsible adults of child or vulnerable adult entrants and is displayed at the Festival.

Performance and changing areas

Festival personnel will strictly supervise access to warm-up rooms, but will not supervise public areas such as toilets, or out-door spaces, at the Festival venues.

Audio and visual recording and photography

The use of cameras (still photographs or video) and sound-recording equipment is strictly forbidden. A Festival and/or press photographer, designated by a badge, will be invited to take photographs for the festival records and for advertising the festival and copies of photographs taken will be made available to the responsible adults of competitors. If any responsible adult objects to their child, or vulnerable adult, in their care, being photographed whilst attending the festival, they must inform the Co-ordinator in writing before the Festival commences, so that instructions can be issued to the photographer. Responsible adults should also inform their child/vulnerable adult of their decision not to allow a photograph to be taken. The Festival administrators reserve the right to refuse entry to the auditorium to persons in possession of audio or visual equipment.

The Legislation and Guidance which supports this Policy document

The Children Act 1989,
The Police Act 1997,
The Data Protection Act 1998,
The Human Rights Act 1998,
The Protection of Children Act 1999,
The Criminal Justice and Court Services Act 2000,
The Children Act 2004,
The Vulnerable groups Act 2006.
The Children (performances and Activities) (England) Regulations.

Policy Review

The Festival administrators will constantly review their Policy on Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection, approving and enhancing it as necessary. In so doing, they will look to other agencies for good practice, most notably the NSPCC's, The Arts Council of England's and the British and International Federation of Festival's policy guidelines.

Safeguarding Policy

November 2019