Preparation for the Singers' Platform

  • It is requested that singers dress appropriately for the occasion
  • An official accompanist will be available throughout the Festival but performers may bring their own accompanist if they wish
  • Please adhere to all the required deadlines as detailed

Time limits: All performances must adhere to the time limits including verbal introductions. Any re-starts which are the fault of the singer are included in the performance time limit. Any re-starts which are not the fault of the singer will not be included in the performance time limit. Should a performer exceed the time limit, an adjudication will be given, but the Festival reserves the right to withhold a placing and the adjudicators reserve the right to stop a performance that is excessively over time. N.B. Take great care with your timing! A number of singers in past years have not reached the Finals because their choices exceeded the time limits.

Singers' Platform Entry Fees
Further details

Singers' Platform Awards
Further details

Entry Form – All entry forms, fees and music for the official accompanist/s, together with an A5 sized stamped addressed envelope, MUST be received by Saturday 18 November 2023 or the entry may not be accepted. It will be necessary to have your parcel containing music weighed to avoid underpayment of postage. Please write your song choices very clearly and in the order of performance giving the title, work and composer. Once the entry forms have been received, the order in which the classes will take place will be determined and everyone informed.p>

Order of Classes – Once the Entry Forms have been received, the order in which classes will take place will be determined and everyone will be duly informed.

Contact at the time of the Singers' Platform – the Singers’ Platform may be contacted on 07836 474972 or 07762 631613

Photographs, Recording Equipment and Mobile Phones - Due to copyright law and the Festival’s safeguarding policy, members of the audience, as well as performers and their supporters, are not allowed to take photographs or make audio or video recording at the Festival. Therefore, the use of any kind of camera, recording equipment, mobile telephone or other computerised device is strictly forbidden. However, the Festival may appoint a designated, authorised photographer for publicity purposes to promote the work and ethos of the Festival and for the benefit of the performers. Performers should indicate on the Entry Form a) if they or their supporters have any objection to being included in any of the photographs taken by the official photographer and b) if they give permission for any photographs taken to be used for publicity purposes, etc., without further consultation from the Festival.

Music for the official accompanist must be unfolded and legible, and sent with the entry form as above. 1 original and 2 further copies are required for the adjudicators on the day.
The official accompanists are Tim Kennedy, Catherine Hall-Smith and Roderick Barrand.

Key Dates  

18 November 2023 | Last date for the receipt of the Entry Form, fees, stamped addressed envelope and copies of music for the official accompanists. These should be sent to: The Entries Secretary, DCFS, 29 Kerwin Drive, Sheffield S17 3DG.
25 January 2024 | Morning, afternoon and evening at St. Andrew’s Church, Psalter Lane, Sheffield S11 8YL.
26 January 2024 | Morning, afternoon and evening at St. Andrew’s Church. Recital and Opera sessions.
27 January 2024 | At St. Andrew’s Church, Psalter Lane, Sheffield S11 8YL, Morning and afternoon.
Evening: Finals of Recital and Opera Classes and performances by winners of the Oratorio or Sacred Aria, French Mélodie, German Lieder, British Song, Repertoire by Mozart, and Elizabeth Hampshire Award for Young Singers clasess. Presentation of Awards.

We look forward to meeting, welcoming and hearing all the performers and wish you a happy, enjoyable and successful time at the Festival.