1. Check you are sure of the venue and date and time of your performances in days before the Festival Weekend. We suggest you Google the venue - Dore and Totley United Reformed Church or Tapton Hall, Sheffield - for photographs and travel directions.
  2. Arrive at the venue at least half an hour before your class is going to start. You may start earlier in your class if other singers don't turn up. (We suggest you make a note of the contact mobile phone numbers on the day you are performing, so you can let us know if a last minute situation arises, e.g. you can't attend for whatever reason, you are ill, you are going to arrive late for your class.)
  3. Arriving early will enable you to familiarize yourself with the venue and may allow you to use one of the practice room before you are 'on', see 5 below.
  4. Make sure you have original copies of your piece(s) for the adjudicator and hand them in at the music desk after you arrive.
  5. Unless you have your own accompanist, you will want to use the official accompanist when you perform. You will have had the opportunity of contacting him or her and practising before the Festival Weekend. Don't count on having an opportunity of practising with the official accompanist during the Weekend; it may be possible, but time pressures don't usually allow it. In any event do make contact with the official accompanist asap on the day and be prepared to give any instructions as to how you want him/her to play.
  6. Some performers choose to introduce themselves and their piece with a few words before they perform.
  7. Everyone is there to support you. The accompanist may prompt you if you forget your words.
  8. Audiences usually change after each class, and may be quite small.
  9. The adjudicator will make some spoken comments after all the performers in a class have sung. There will also be a sheet of written comments for you to take away with you.
  10. If you win your class you most likely will be asked to perform again on the Finals Evening (usually Sunday).
  11. Don't forget to pick up your music and the adjudicator's comment sheet/s before you leave.
  12. Please fill in our Feedback Questionnaire - on your own or with your teacher - after you have finished performing. Your comments will help us to improve the Weekend and make it more comfortable, useful and enjoyable for singers.
  13. Don't hesitate to speak to one of the officials if you have a question, are confused or unhappy at any point; they are there to help you.