Preparation for the Festival

  • Entrants are reminded that it is advisable to keep the whole weekend of the Festival free.
  • In preparing their programme, performers are advised to choose material appropriate to their age and stage of vocal development.
  • It is requested that performers dress appropriately for the occasion.
  • An official accompanist will be available throughout the Festival, but performers may bring their own accompanist if they wish.
  • Refer to all the key dates below and adhere to all the required deadlines.

Eligibility to the Festival Weekend and to the appropriate classes will be determined by the performer’s age on 2 February 2024. Performers will receive further and more specific details of the timetable, procedures etc., after the final date of the receipt of the Entry Form. Winners of classes in the 2023 Festival are not eligible to enter the SAME class in 2024 unless moving to a different age category. Performers in the Singers’ Platform are not eligible to enter this part of the Festival. Similarly, any 1st study singer aged either between 19 and 28 years studying at conservatoire or university, or between 14 and 19 years at a specialist music school or junior conservatoire, will only be eligible for the Singers’ Platform section of the Festival.

Amateur status - the Festival is for amateur performers only and professionals are not eligible to enter. A professional is considered to be one who derives the major part of his/her livelihood from singing performance.

All awards are made at the discretion of the adjudicator whose decisions are final. It is expected that the prize money will be used to further the musical development of the prize winner.

Contact at the time of the Festival:
Should a performer need to make contact at the

Photographs, Recording Equipment and Mobile Phones - Due to copyright law and the Festival’s safeguarding policy, members of the audience, as well as performers and their supporters, are not allowed to take photographs or make audio or video recording at the Festival. Therefore, the use of any kind of camera, recording equipment, mobile telephone or other computerised device is strictly forbidden. However, the Festival may appoint a designated, authorised photographer for publicity purposes to promote the work and ethos of the Festival and for the benefit of the performers. Performers should indicate on the Entry Form a) if they or their supporters have any objection to being included in any of the photographs taken by the official photographer and b) if they give permission for any photographs taken to be used for publicity purposes, etc., without further consultation from the Festival.

Song Choices - A performer must NOT sing the same piece in more than one class.

An official accompanist Should you require the services of the official accompanist, unfolded, legible copies must be sent in an A4 sized envelope with your entry form by 18 November 2023. It may be necessary to have your package weighed to avoid underpayment of postage. NB: original copies are required by the adjudicator on the day

All entry forms, fees and music for the official accompanist/s, together with an A5 sized stamped addressed envelope MUST be received by Saturday 18 November 2023 or the entry may not be accepted. Entries should be sent to: The Entries Secretary, DCFS, 29 Kerwin Drive, Sheffield, S17 3DG. Once the entry forms have been received, the order in which the classes will take place will be determined and everyone informed. A submitted entry form will act as confirmation that you have read all the information in this Handbook and Entry Form.

A Child/Vulnerable-Adult policy is available and a copy of this document will be sent to all applicants.

Trophies - All performers accepting trophies will be deemed to have given an undertaking for their safe custody in being asked to sign a form of receipt for each trophy gained, before taking their trophies away. The trophies are held by the winners until the following November when they should be returned in readiness for the next Festival. All trophies are the property of the Festival and must not be taken out of the country. Lost trophies must be replaced and the replacement of a lost trophy, or the cost of repair of damage to a trophy, will be the responsibility of the current holder. It is felt reasonable to assume that trophy winners will make adequate provision for insuring the trophies while in their possession.

Key Dates  

18 November 2023 Last date for the receipt of the Entry Form, fees, stamped addressed envelope and copies of music for the accompanists. These should be sent to: The Entries Secretary, DCFS, 29 Kerwin Drive, Sheffield S17 3DG.

2 February 2024 Afternoon and evening classes at Dore and Totley United Reformed Church, Totley Brook Road, Sheffield S17 3QS.

3 February 2024 Morning, afternoon and evening classes at Dore and Totley United Reformed Church, Totley Brook Road, Sheffield S17 3QS.

4 February 2024 Morning and afternoon classes, Festival Finals Evening: Recital Finals, Non-Recital Final and, Adjudications and Presentations at Tapton Hall, Shore Lane, Sheffield S10 3BU.

We look forward to meeting, welcoming and hearing all the performers and wish you a happy, enjoyable and successful time at the Festival.